Friday, September 30, 2011


So along with my lofty goal of running 1,000+ miles next year I also plan to refit my wardrobe with new running clothes. This outfit is my start to refit the running wardrobe. I found it at Kohl's. It is nike technical shirt with these nifty little thumb holes which worked out great during my windy run (note pic of grass blowing sideways). The top fit great and technical is the way I roll these days- no more cotton tshirts if I don't have to. The pants fit like a glove and mommy butt and gut didn't look bad in them :). What you don't see is the new bra. I've been running too long in some of my fav support systems and need to take the plunge into the wallet and spend $ on these oh so important supports.

This outfit is pretty matchy matchy for me in a sporty way. Don't think I'll ever be caught running in skirt or dress. Even though nike gear and support friend is champion after using the oh so famous kohls cash, 20% total bill coupon, and already discounted Nike gear the wallet didn't feel to unfriendly.

Also shared a pic of the nature preserve sign- great place to run if you are ever in the neighborhood.

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