Friday, September 16, 2011

The Irony in it

So only a few hours ago I put this post out about "Take the Time" and some parenting hints I've found in my latest Parents mag that really hit home.  So soon after that post I went and picked up son from 1st grade and proceeded, with my big 30% off coupon to Kohl's.  Not 5 minutes into the shoe department, where the kids and I were headed to get new tennis shoes and church shoes, but what happens- I turn around and there is no Kate.  She's gone, vanished.  I figured she was just hiding on me so didn't panic.  Told Mason to stay where he was with the shoes he found and the cart and my purse and I went looking.  This older mother started helping me to after she saw me walking the same path for the 3rd time calling for Kate.  I told Mason again to stay where I was and that I was going up to the counter to ask for assistance.  While standing there a man approached me with the other mom who was helping me look for Kate and he says into his mouth piece "I've found the mom".  I was soon reunited with Kate who had wandered off to the opposite end of the store to do a little "toy shopping".  I was furious, but relieved.  Guess I need to follow that last post and take a deep long breath.  Ironic isn't it- someone out there must have known what was ahead for me this afternoon and knew I needed to write what I did in the past post as a reminder to myself to "not beat myself up" and "Take the Time".  Hope this isn't a foreshadowing of the weekend ahead of me. 

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