Sunday, September 11, 2011

What a Weekend

Matt, Mason, Kate and I have traveled a lot this weekend.  Kate and I started on Wednesday evening of last week driving home to Oswego so I could be home with parents.  Kate enjoyed spending time with the grandparents.  Then Friday afternoon Papa Chris, Kate and I drove to my sister's in Mishiwaka (sp?) near South Bend.  We went to the Fort Wayne Snider Panthers vs Penn Kingsmen.  Back story- Snider Panthers football team was coached by Matt's Uncle for a long time.  He now is the athletic director at Snider High School and attends as many of his team's sporting events as possible- including this past Friday's meeting.  My sister her two kidos, hubbie, Papa Chris, Kate and I jammed into the minivan and headed over to Penn High school for some real "friday night lights".  The field was one of the nicest high school football fields I've ever stepped foot on- artificial turf- should've taken a picture of that.  The outcome of the game wasn't the greatest Penn won by quite a bit.  It rained/drizzled throughout most of the 2nd and 3rd quarter.  The kids had a great time though.  They loved their VIP seats on the field, but also wanted to try out the stands and all agreed that their view of the field was much better up in the stands.  Here are the pics from Friday's adventures.
Uncle Russ, Carolyn, Kate and John

They are doing their game faces and linemen stances.

Go Snider- Aunt Melissa says

Mom- I'm hot stuff!

When we returned home Mason and Matt had arrived from Iowa- due to school and work obligations the boys had to drive separately for the weekend activities.

Saturday a.m. was a nice one.  The cousins were decked out in their team gear ND vs MI.  A lot of time outside that day for the munchkins.  While Matt and I were on the way to the game and/or having a lovely dinner at Arbor Brewery in Ann Arbor- great food- no drinky, drinky due to marathon training, but would like to go back sometime and try their strawberry blonde. Yum- kids were enjoying outdoors time at the Cobus Nature Preserve, eating shrimp and getting ready for the big game.  Some more pics.

Many comments on this pic- Mason is totally me- I tilt my head like that a lot in pictures, John Henry- So Cute!, Carolyn, while the kids played was cutting flowers from her mom's garden- again so cute, Last but not least Kate- I think her face tells you the kind of mood she was in "you are kidding me mom- you want me to do what?- smile- I don't think so".

I'm getting this one framed- how awesome is that tree
Love this- Despite rooting for different teams the cousins can put aside their differences and walk hand in hand through this beautiful world together :).

While all the above was going on Matt and I were enjoying our own fun- I could write a whole post on the game, but I need to wrap this up- The game was Priceless!
It was a game that I will remember for a long time.  At the end with :08 seconds left on the clock Denard throws it/lobs it into the right corner of the endzone for catch- my heart was racing and my legs were shaking for all the excitement of the game.  It was a wonderful win.  Even after the game ended no one wanted to leave. At least five songs were played and the yellow pom poms were still moving to the beat.  Old/young people were dancing/singing.  When Denard came back onto the field for post game interview the crowd went crazy.  It was a great game and so glad Matt and I could enjoy it together.  We ended our weekend by driving from Ann Arbor- South Bend to pick up kids- to Minooka Illinois to pick up our car from the grandparents and then onto Iowa.  We are all exhausted, but was a weekend so full of memories I couldn't wait to share them. 

Here are pics from the game.  Due to weather being questionable I only had my Iphone, so not the best pics, but glad I have something.

End of the game- all the yellow across from us is the student section.

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