Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Year in Provence

The first part here taken from good old Barnes and Noble- overview of book:
National Bestseller 
In this witty and warm-hearted account, Peter Mayle tells what it is like to realize a long-cherished dream and actually move into a 200-year-old stone farmhouse in the remote country of the Lubéron with his wife and two large dogs. He endures January's frosty mistral as it comes howling down the Rhône Valley, discovers the secrets of goat racing through the middle of town, and delights in the glorious regional cuisine. A Year in Provence transports us into all the earthy pleasures of Provençal life and lets us live vicariously at a tempo governed by seasons, not by days.


An entertaining account of a year in Provence spent in a remote 200 year old French farmhouse. Told by an escapee from the advertising world.
Well I'm not able to go to Book Club this week and how I will miss my Bookies.  They always add warmth to my heart and knowledge to my brain through our discussions.  This book was a book I had suggested and I'm very sad that I will be missing book club at Sherrie's this month due to the fact that she always goes over the top with yummy snacks and drinks for book club.  Our last book club at her house, I believe, was The Help. She had 1960's appetizers.  It was great!  So I'm sad to miss out on a book discussion and the food/drink that so heavily was entangled in this book.  I really enjoyed this book and found the story light, easy to read, yet entertaining.  A theme of books I've read or are reading lately is haunting me:  3 of the last books I've read have either a date and year or just a year/month which breaks up the chapters of the book.  This book did the same with every chapter a different month of their "year in Provence".  This book also made me again want to take the plunge and travel.  I've been preoccupied with France lately and it is a definite "to do" on my "bucket list".  This book made me want to learn French.  I don't know whether that will ever happen- listened to a Learn French Podcast the other day and was totally lost.  So for now- au voir!

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