Monday, September 5, 2011

Cheapest therapy around

I ran this morning and did little over 5 miles. It was a good run- what constitutes a good run for me- little to no pain, cool temp, sunny, interesting things to look at,and combo of good music or lively conversation with running buddy. Matt and I ran the first 2.65 together while my father in-law biked back and forth passing us on the trail. Matt and I don't have much conversation when we run. Sometimes I wished we chit chatted more- which is long running "want" of mine in our life together. However today it was peaceful running side by side with minimal chatter.

Since I was chit chatting I listened to a podcast for another mother runner. The first one I listened to was focused on running challenges such as humidity, getting motivated to get out of bed and moving, and mental challenges during races. It was interesting how each of these women dealt with these topics. One is very competitive and the other is not. The one who is competitive seemed to verbalize that mental fatigue during race as just another hill to conquer. The less competitive one finds mental fatigue as basically the tallest hill ever to climb. She has no problem walking if needed during race or just daily run. The other sounded as if walking for her was ultimate defeat. I myself have walked more this summer in training than I have in previous summers of training. My justification is I really am amazed with the fact that despite missing month of June from running due to fish tank fall I've been able to train and get ready for Chicago.

At the end of my run today I thought of what my running buddy and I say a lot after,especially, long runs. Running is the cheapest therapy around. When I run with her we discuss life dreams,goals,disappointments, and frustrations. Even today without her listening to my podcast with these two women talking about running it just reconfirmed how running really makes me better in health, fitness and mental well being.

No I'm not getting any kick back from Dimity or Sara- authors of "run like a mother",but if you have time and want to listen to great discussion about running I highly recommend downloading these free podcasts. iTunes is where I found them by typing another mother runner into search. Happy running and listening.

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