Friday, November 4, 2011

Mommy''s Project: Fixing

Fixing- So many different words, thoughts come to mind.  Here is the best I can come up with- being ChattyNatty- sharing them all :).

Fixing Dinner, Fixing the Car (again not exactly me fixing it- but taking it to the dealership), Fixing the kid's lunch, Fixing the hem on a costume that is way too long and my daughter keeps catching her foot in the hem, Fixing the Christmas Dinner... the Easter Dinner... the Thanksgiving Dinner, Fixing the mess I made when I decided to clean up the basement storage room, Fixing the mess I made when I inserted my big foot in my mouth again, Fixing the bathtub's plunger that won't go back down, Fixing the lawn after it has been attacked by Grubs (seriously ripping up grass that is killed from grubs has to be one of the all time going to make me gag  "when I see the grubs under the grass" memories of my life). Fixing the fight I started with the hubby over who knows what, Fixing the fish tank after it has set for 3 months with water in it, no fish, and no working filter, Fixing my hair- total bed head- before heading out for a run in the a.m., Fixing my make-up (o.k. who am I kidding- I maybe throw on lipstick these days), Fixing myself a bowl of ice cream, Fixing _____ Fixing_____ Fixing______ ( you fill in the blanks).

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