Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Naughty, Naughty.. Falling off the wagon

So I ran into a friend today and she preceeded to tell me how after our last book club meeting she was motivated by my "pushing it hard" in regard to running. So she ran three days in a row increasing her mileage each day and trying to "push it". Well by the 3rd day after running she felt so horrible she layed around the house the rest of the day not feeling like eating or doing much of anything. She decided not to emulate me any further.

I laughed and told her the following.

Last night I I went to the gym at 6 pm and rode spin bike for ten miles followed by arms and abs 10 minute work out. I went home helped get things packed for turkey day travels, showered and read to kids before sitting down to dinner at 8:15 pm. My dinner consisted of baked chicken nuggets, fries, beer and to cap it all off 2 regular sized Reese's PB cups.

I'm not a great role model. Now I do like pushing myself and putting crazy goals out there for me, but I fail heavily in the nutrition aspect. I kept thinking last night as I was eating my WT dinner that my friend Trudy would not partake in my kind of post workout meal (she is probably one of the healthiest eaters I know). Now I like fruits, veggies and lean cuts of meat (sorry don't do fish). But I also like candy, cookies (thanks to mother inlaw I have had probably 10 turkey sugar cookies since we saw them Sunday), hot dogs, chips, beer, and wine, etc, etc. This past week has been piss poor in regards to my eating.

So I finished by telling my friend that I'm glad I enjoy working out but wish I could get a grip on my eating and be as goal oriented about that. I know it is all about moderation, but as you probably have figured out I don't do much of anything in moderation- All or Nothing- my motto. Don't worry I'm not going to swear off pumpkin pie or pecan pie this turkey day, but I do look forward to running off all those turkey day calories.
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