Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sunny day before Thanksgiving Run

So yesterday I was feeling down due to poor food intake, but today was a different day. I woke up and enjoyed breakfast, by-passing the mini chocolate donughts- thank you very much! I went for a late morning run (11:23) to be precise- much later than my normal morning runs. I wondered how the run was going to go due to this change from my normal early a.m. Schedule. Well it went well- the sun was shining, hardly any wind, and my playlist today was a change up. I love Christmas songs/music so I ran the whole time listening and smiling to great holiday tunes. I didn't even mind the adds because they too were a reminder of the season "Black Friday". I think listening to x-mas tunes just might get me through a December of running. Try it if you need a pick me up and love reliving your life via listening to holiday tunes. The run went by fast despite it not being a speed run. Great precurser to Thanksgiving day!

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