Friday, November 4, 2011

Running Motivation

I don't really feel like I need much motivation lately to run these days- I actually feel a little uneasy if I'm not running.  However, I do feel like I'm not running the miles I was when training, which happens to all of us, but more so I feel like I've lost the other motivations that came with training- eating right, stretching, and pushing myself during the runs.  So I found it helpful to look at Healthy Tipping Point's post on Motivation for running- she too is struggling- she is struggling to "Get out There"- which again isn't the problem, but if I'm going to get "out there" might as well make it worth it.  Here is what I did for a little motivation:- thanks Healthy Tipping Point  Also I listened to two podcasts of Another Mother Runner on my drive back from a meeting yesterday and that inspired me also.  Their first topic was Kill the Hill and the second wasn't motivational, but was amusing and showed me another way to get creative with running- Costumes to Run In.  Kill The Hill was great and my favorite line from that podcast was about how running hills, for almost all of us, is our best running form- forced strides, leaning into the hills, swinging arms to move forward- not just letting your feet do the "running".  Hill Intervals will be another way I want to conquer the whole "not running fast enough".  The other part of the Kill the Hill podcast I could relate to was the "false flats"- it happens to me quite frequently when I'm running- when you are running and it is such a slow incline you don't notice, but then you turn around and realize- "I was running up a really, really, really long hill.  Yep we've all been there- those jump out and bite you!


O.k.- I love this quote- and wish oh wish I had abs like that :) Oh yeah- she is about 10 years younger than me and probably has never had kids. 

Would like to add to the end of this quote or TIME WITH MY BRB!



O.k. I'm ready for my run tomorrow are you?

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  1. I LOVE the RLAM's! Loved their book and now loving their podcasts. It can be hard when there isn't a race on the calendar, or at least one which you need to train for. I'm fortunate to have a group to meet with three times a week that keeps me accountable and motivated. :)