Saturday, November 5, 2011

Running Naked

I've got your attention don't I.  This is a figurative title.  I ran this a.m.  I was suppose to run with some girls for our second Saturday planned morning run. 

Side note: After running the marathon I thought one way to stay motivated  with running during the winter was by organizing some group runs.  Last week there were four of us at the running store ready to run 5 miles. I think all the girls had a great time and we all ran the same pace.

This Saturday one thing or another came up for some of the girls who said they'd be there and I was alone.  However, I wasn't just alone I was naked- I had no watch, IPOD or BRB.  It was quiet, dark and the only thing I really had with me was my headlamp.  I really never run in silence because I either run with music, podcasts, or chatter with BRB.  However, it wasn't all that bad.  I did the run in 48 minutes and started was home by 7 a.m.  Now I'm not going to try and make a habit of this running NAKED, because I hope to have either my music or BRB keeping me company. I do know that I can run 5 miles with nothing but my arms and legs pushing me forward.  I'd be interested to know how many of you run NAKED.

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  1. I, too, have gone naked in the past and been surprised how well I did. It's worth doing once in a while. Now, I do my group runs sans music, but still keep the Garmin on. Music makes its appearance for racing, that's a must. :)