Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12 days to Christmas challene review

So Christmas has passed us by. I stuck with my goal to do some activity the 12 days before Christmas. I did everything from yoga, swimming, walking, running, weights and yes two days were my sit ups/pushup challenge. I can do 10 pushups which isn't bad but I'd definitely like to increase those reps. I found the goal easy and very doable. It got me thinking could I push it a little farther.

I got this challenge idea from Tall Mom on the Run blog. Her goal was a mile a day for the 25 days prior to Xmas. She did it. And like so many of us find that if you give yourself a doable goal many of us can go further. She did many more than 1 mile/day. I'm pondering taking/ stealing this idea to start my January off right. Some of you might remember past post where I showed you this past year's mileage per month- Jan 2011- 15 pitiful miles. If I followed my 1 mile/ day goal for jan 2012 I would at least double my Jan mileage. I'll let you know what I decide. I will definitely keep up with doing crunches and pushups on a more regular basis.

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