Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011

I was watching the news last night and the story at the end was about waving 2011 goodbye and good ridance.

I didn't have the same feeling about 2011. I feel very blessed and happy about all that I've done and experienced this past year. Here are some if my favorites: (in no particular order)
1. Watching my son play hockey
2. Going to disney world with my family and parents
3. Going to 2 great weddings within 2 weeks of each other and watching Kate be a flower girl in both (Palmer/Diana and Mike/Abby thax for great memories)
4. Watching Kate dance at both weddings and dance the "kate"
5. Running with my BRB
6. Book club- we'll celebrate our 9 yr anniversary May 2012- love reading and love these ladies
7.staycation July 4th week Oswego
8. Running my 4th Chicago marathon
9. Spring break trip with cousins, sister and dad to Virginia
10. Joining the blog community in early 2011- it has been a great experience

So I leave you with some final holiday pictures- items in my in-laws home that makes the holiday environment so enjoyable. Have a great new year's eve.

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