Friday, December 23, 2011

Mommy's project52: shopping

I have buyer's remorse when it comes to shopping for myself. The funny thing is I don't have it when it comes to shopping for others. I enjoy shopping but wish I could solve the buyer's remorse issue. It doesn't matter whether the purchase is big or large (ie lots of cash or little). Again this doesn't apply when I'm shopping for others. I know maybe I should just shop for others :).

There are so many forms of shopping: grocery, car, clothes, birthdays, etc. I enjoy shopping on the Internet but my success rate for buying clothes via net is about 50%. I like virtual window shopping and then finding the real item out in the real world. I like gro wry shipping only at 8-9 am and with a grocery list with meal plan for the week.

I don't consider myself a bargain shopper. I just recently started trying to do a better job diving into the racks at say TJMAX but in general I don't come out with the type of bargains my buddies seem to find.

My friends that are savy shoppers I think have had years of experience and in order to be like them I would have to put some major hours in. I do find shopping with these girls does bring me good luck. I'll keep buying for others with utter confidence and likely continue to have BR with my own purchases.

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