Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Days to Christmas Challenge

Meant to send this out earlier than the day before the 12 days before Christmas begins, but I was sooo busy telling you all about my favorite Xmas movies last night that it is another day and so here we go.

With the upcoming holiday season upon us many of us are very busy and our normal work-out schedule/training may go to the wayside.  Some of the running mom/women's blogs I follow have thrown out different ideas to stay "with IT" this season- one is running 1 mile everyday before Christmas (the hooker is most of us don't go out and run just 1 mile, and so she is logging more than that on most days, but the 1 mile also gives you the out to just do 1 mile that day), one lady last month worked on upping her push up rep and so she went from 15 push ups at a time to 38 at a time.  This same person has moved onto trying to lengthen the time she is plank pose.  So here is my 12 days to Christmas Challenge:  Do ANY type of workout, activity, exercise on each of the 12 days before Christmas.  Here are some ideas I came up with, but you can think of your own:
1. Run ( a duh)
2. Spin Class
3. Yoga
4. Any workout video
5. How many sit ups, push ups can you do?
6. Wii- Fit or Just Dance
7. Weights

I don't think I'll set a time requirement for the videos, or yoga, etc, because what I want to focus on is being active through the holiday season.  Hopefully once I start I won't want to stop, but just like the 1 mile a day challenge, if I want to stop I won't feel forced into a negative workout.  Love to know if you come up with any other great activities during the season and if you end up taking the 12 days to Christmas challenge.

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