Saturday, December 10, 2011

What to wear when it is 11 degrees outside?

The past week my buddy from work BN and I have been discussing what we wear to run.  He purchased a jacket that in the torso area has extra wind breaking protection and his sleeves are those cool go over your thumb length kind.  He asked me what I wear and I told him pretty much what I wore this fall, just a little extra with fleece zip up on top, hat, etc. 

Then this morning hits:  I check my Iphone weather channel and it is 11 degrees out.  Hubby went out first and when he returned I asked him if he was warm enough?  He said windy going into West and suggested I wear the blue neck scarf (kind of sock or ankle warmer but for your neck).  Since it was 11 out I figured I needed a little more than my norm, so here is what I put on (all found in the depths of my closet):
On my bottoms a pair of cotton Brooks socks (thicker cotton and not my thin weight).  Next a pair of my "cold weather football game cotton leggings".  These are the pants I put on under jeans for those cold Mich. football games we attend.  Next I put on my Nike tight running leggings.  On top, sports bra, technical long sleeve, and gray zip up fleece jacket.  The head I finished with my ear phones, neck warmer and hat, finally some cotton gloves for the hands and I was off. 

I think I look a tad bit scary hear, but the sunglasses were needed for the first part of the run very sunny.

The clothes I picked were perfect.  I was warm enough, but not too warm and still ended up getting sweaty.  I'm not quite ready to spend big bucks for outdoor running gear ( I want to make sure I'm actually going to stick with this).  However, I do think I will be looking into two purchases in the near future: running gloves.  My cotton wons just don't have enough to break the chill of the wind/cold and so I will likely break down and purchase a pair of those.  I will also likely be looking into something that allows me to continue to run in the winter on snow and i

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