Friday, July 27, 2012

Caldecott- "Frog" Books

So I thought it was pretty ironic that the next two Caldecott Books we picked to read and do projects for our summer Caldecott theme both had a "frog theme".

by David Wiesner
Tuesday was about frogs who come out on a Tuesday night and do lets just say non-frog things- like fly around on lily pads.  This book was fun because it let the kids have a chance to tell me a story.  No words,  just pictures, and great stories.  We had a great time making the project for this book.

Here is the picture they picked to recreate in their own diorama.

Making frogs fly is tough work thank goodness for dental floss. 

Then we read "Frog went A-Courtin'".  It is a fun story based on a nursery rhyme.  The pictures are very whimsical.  Since we had more of frogs in this story we did some research on frogs.  Did you know there are over 2,000 frogs in the world.  The largest American frog is a  bull frog.  The kids had fun learning about the life of a frog.  

Again 2 books I hadn't read.2 books that had similar main characters, but totally different stories.  

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