Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mommy's project52: forgetful

Wish I had taken a picture of the following... This morning I was doing laundry, during laundry picked beans from garden, rinsed beans off and planned to blanch these beans and the beans my friend gave me and then freeze them. So got the beans in the pot and started the water and then headed back downstairs to unload the washer, dryer and took clothes up to fold. All the while my 4 year old is on me like a ball chained to my leg asking me to play with her and/or read to her. So the beans are started I'm now upstairs folding and putting away laundry and take just a minute to read a library book to my "ball n chain". Later I go downstairs, mind you no idea how long time has lapsed, and here is the pot of beans at a rapid boil. I had forgotten the beans! I quickly got them off the stove, into cold water, and then into a freezer bag. It will be interesting to see how they turn out. don't think this is the way they freeze beans on the Foodnetwork. So the point.... I think I have lost my memory not due to having children, or lack of focus, or too much adult beverages, or sign of early alzheimers, but plainly and simply because I'm doing too much at once. This is otherwise known as multitasking. Moms are artists at this verb. They should have a championship to see who the best multitasker in the world is, bet it'd be a mom. We try to do so much and our brains are on constant overdrive. I think if we started focusing on simplification of our lives and our family's lives and did one thing at a time we'd soon find ourselves back to some of the most non-forgetful, with-it people in the world. However, simplification is hard and for many of us we walk on the narrow ledge of being happiest when busy (I have always been happy when doing many different things). Sometimes we fall off the ledge because we have just over done it and over committed, or have way to many "balls the air". I like to think just when life starts to get more simple, years to come after the kids go to college,etc there will be a brief time where I will be able to breathe easier and be able to focus more thoughtfully and find my memory to be at the greatest in life. Then unfortunately I'll realize I'm old and start to notice my memory to go and I will become forgetful again. Maybe just maybe I'll for awhile remain in the fairy tale that I'm not as old as I really am and can hold off that friend forgetfulness from reentering my life.

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