Sunday, July 1, 2012

June running

Well I can't believe it is already July 1. Where did June go to? I had a good month of running. I ran a total of 83 miles. My longest was 13.1 (sunburst 1/2). Punching the numbers I'm a little surprised to find that I have 6 months left to meet my 1,000+++ miles in a year goal. I would need to run 92 miles/month for the next 6 months to meet this goal-kind of overwhelming, but I've learned best to take it one week at a time. There weren't too many quotes I connected with this past month, but here they are ( taken from the Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration by Kevin Nelson June 1st: "No yesterday's are ever wasted for those who give themselves today."- Brendan Francis, writer June 13: "There are many ways to be successful as a distance runner as there are athletes. You have to develop a training schedule of your own"- Craig Virgin, champion distance runner I found the timing of this quote perfect because I was in the midst of stressing over my marathon training schedule- in the end with hubby's help I saw the light and stayed with my plan (adaptation of Hal higdon's novice 2 marathon training schedule). June 19th: "Strenuousness is the open foe of attainment. The strength that wins is calm and has an exhaustless source in its passive depth." -Rabindranath Tagore, philosopher This entry was all about finishing strong and not going out too fast, otherwise known as negative split. I have recently just started paying attention to this. It will be interesting to see if I'm able to succeed with this in the marathon. June 25th: "People today tend to overdo. This applies especially, I think, to distance runners and the training they do. What you should do is develop a training program that suits your physical makeup, your stamina, and your ability as a runner" -Gayle Barron, marathoner Another reminder to me to work on my own goals and improve on my weaknesses, while not losing site of myself or my abilities. June 29th: "At bottom no one in life can help anyone else in life. But that isn't as bad as it may at first appear. It is the best thing in life that each should have everything in himself; his fate, his future, his world." - Rainer Maria Rilke,poet It's all on and within me, no one else. No matter what the excuses- the way we act, perform and live are up to us and us alone. I'm in charge of my destiny, my life.

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