Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mommy's project 52: sad

I can go through a box of Kleenex faster than anyone I know- now does that mean I'm a sad person.  Not quite sure.  I do know that some things are "sad" and some things are "sad" (read it like the second one is the real "sad").

1. A kid who gets a balloon at a fair or party and walks only a few steps and child accidentally lets go and it flies away- Sad.

2. Seeing a cat lying on the side of the road, presumably dead- Sad.

3. Watching a military person say goodbye to their loved one at the airport- Sad. (I watched this recently in person during my return flight from Oahu'- the girlfriend or wife just couldn't stop crying- not uncontrollably, worse it was just silent, but tears rolling down the face crying).

4. Losing your mother or father to some illness at an early age-Sad.

5. Losing your child before you yourself die- Horrible (to me probable) never ending Sad.

I think I have to stop there because this is just making me Sad. :(

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