Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm Back

So the week of being parted with computer (except for work purposes and checking email), IPad, Wii, and TV was a success.  So big that we are continuing on for another week- well sort of.  The kids compromised and got to play Wii last night, but then that's it until this coming weekend.  I'm continuing on without TV- and to tell you the truth- I may continue it for a little while longer.  I feel like I've been UBER productive with my reading and writing and kid time so for now no TV.  I am going to get back in the blogging world.  Today's the day and I'm looking forward to catching up on my mommy's project posts (3), post on Iowa City Book Festival, our Caldecott summer project, and of course good old training and reading posts.  I know I've got some catching up to do with reading posts too.  I'm looking forward to doing that later in the week.

Our week last week flew by and the kids didn't seem to miss the "screen time" at all.  My daughter asked on Sunday about watching a show, but that I think was the only time it was mentioned.  My son even said he thought the week had been pretty fun.  Some of the things that I observed from last week (in no order of importance):
1. The kids were using their play phones to imagine they were texting, playing games/apps.  It was pretty humorous to hear my oldest tell my youngest that he just texted her.  She responded that she was on level of 4 of some zombies game.
2. I thought I'd have all this down time to read, but I felt like the down time flew by.  This may partly be due to my husband being gone at the beginning of the week so I was flying solo and you know that can eat your time up.
3. At night instead of putting the TV on for background noise as I lay in bed I read in silence and I think this helped me enjoy and focus more on what I was reading.
4. I cooked and listened to music quite a bit more- trying out recipes I've never done before and also throwing some old ones in.
5. I got more sleep because I went to bed earlier, because lying in bed after a day full of running literally and physically + our heat wave= tired mama!  TV wasn't there to keep me up- I'm not one to fall asleep when there is a show/movie on.
6. The kids played with toys I hadn't seen them play with in forever.
7.  We went to the library- big surprise- even more during the week and spent more leisure time there.

It was a great week and like I said we enjoyed it sooooo much we are extending it one more week.

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