Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Last week training: 4th week

Well last week's runs, bikes and swims went great.  I did it all and felt good about it.  The other thing I had planned to do last week was keep track of what I ate for the week and share it with you.  Well I did pretty good writing down every little thing, including keeping track of fluid intake for the week.  I planned to share it with you, but no offense looking at all I consumed is pretty boring even for me, who consumed the food, so I didn't think you'd get much enjoyment out of it. So here is a paired down version.

The reason I wanted to document my eating for a week was to look at what I put into my body on a daily basis and make changes that would potentially help my training and really help me get a grasp on this thing I love- EATING!  I've never been good at monitoring my input because, well, that just isn't any fun.  So long story short I won't list everything I ate, but will give you a few examples:

Breakfast- grande misto skim milk, vanilla Starbucks
1 cup fresh fruit
1 morning roll Starbucks

Snack a.m.- 1 cup fresh fruit

Lunch- PBJ on 12 Grain bread
barbecue chips- lunch bag size
1/2 cup cantaloupe
decaf diet coke

Snack pm- 1/2 cup cantaloupe
During work day total of 3 8 oz glasses of water
16 ounces H2O on 14 mile bike ride

Dinner- 3 reduced fat crescent rolls wrapped with ham and sprinkled with cheddar cheese
salad small
1 cup jalapeno chips
2 baby dills

So looking at the above- I eat quite a bit throughout the day.  I drank quite a bit of fluids, so am staying well hydrated.  However, the morning roll and barbecue chips, jalapeno chips are "no no's".

After 5.4 mile run had breakfast- 2 cups coffee
1 glass crystal light
1 slice 12 grain toast with 1 1/2tbsp PB

Lunch: 2 1/2 flour tortilla filled with 5 bean mix (think black bean salsa), shredded lettuce, 2 % cheese
1/2 cup watermelon

Snack after work- 1/2 cup jalapeno chips, 1 Miller Lite

Dinner (side note- my hubby surprised me with a congratulatory dinner for finishing under 2 hours in the 1/2 marathon at beginning of the month so had a dinner planned- this isn't our typical mid day week fare)
Steak, green beans, 3 pieces garlic bread lite butter, new whole potatoes grilled, corn on the cob, and 1 cup chocolate brownie ice cream, 2 margaritas

Overall that day drank 24 ounces of H2O at work, and 2 8 oz glasses at home

So assessing above- during the day did great, too much empty calories at night with "adult beverages", and probably only should have had 1 piece not 3 of the garlic bread.

And so my week went- I'd have a good day, and relatively o.k. night, but then Friday hit.  My kids were with grandparents for the night and so my hubby and I planned to make from scratch Mexican meal: home made tortillas, from scratch salsa, guacamole, and steak fajitas.  Along with many "adult beverages".  It was great home made food, but again too much consumption of food and beverages.

So now what- well I plan to make it a priority to stay hydrated with water, low calorie juice or milk throughout the day.  Hydration is vital to keeping my energy up, especially during the heat wave we are having.  I need to push the fruit and vegetables, which I do enjoy, just need to make it a priority that I meal plan these into the grocery shopping for the week.  Lastly- after this coming weekend I've decided to take a sabbatical from "adult beverages".  I've done this before and not enjoyed it too much- I get cranky, but I think to feel like I'm giving this coming Chi-Town Marathon my all I need to not question what things I could've, should've, would've done differently.  I know, I know, what's the harm of a little vino or a cold beer, but my problem is I don't want just one, now please don't sign me up for AA- this is how I am with a lot of facets of my life- "all or nothing" and no control over doing things in "moderation".  The same thing happens with sweets, which I also plan to curb this training season.  I'll keep you posted on how the above changes go.   I'm hoping that these changes will give me more energy and help me stay healthy and fit for this training season.

The heat is really wearing on me the past two weeks.  Even though I have no problem getting up early to run I still struggle with the heat in the early morning.  Until it cools off I'm running with my water belt even for 5 milers.  The water is needed and makes me feel more safe in my runs.  I'm also icing, and wearing my compression socks to aid in rest and rejuvenation of my "dog tired" legs.  Already into the middle of my 5th week and so far good week despite the heat.  Intimidated by this weekend's 12 miler, just because of the heat, so hoping for some good legs, rest, IPod tunes, and hydration to get me through.

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