Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mommy's Project52: LOUD

LOUD- is a topic I know well.  I get it, because it is me.  I'm a pretty LOUD person.  I blame this on the fact that I had so many ear infections as a child (3 sets of tubes by age 5) that I have scarring on my eardrums/tympanic membranes and thus don't know how to be anything but LOUD.  Ask me to whisper and I can't.  Now the only problem with being LOUD is a lot of people don't like LOUD people.  I think added to my total extroverted nature can sometimes be a total turn off for people.  However, as I am getting old, I'm learning to embrace my LOUDness and who I am.  I just need to try and dial it down sometimes.    

One area I wish I was less LOUD is when it comes to disciplining my children or better yet when asking my kids to do something.  Why is it when asked in my normal tone of voice, which is probably already LOUDer than most people talk my kids don't listen- example:
Please get changed for bed.   (couple of seconds with no response from either kid)
Please get changed for bed now.  (meanwhile both kids running from one bedroom to another)

I've asked you to get changed, please listen.  (I'm doing it I'm trying the pleasant, nice, treat your kids with respect voice- again the chasing each other hasn't stopped and now there is throwing stuffed animals and jumping on beds involved).
GET CHANGED NOW OR THERE IS GOING TO BE A CONSEQUENCE! (Yep- I lost it, no one was hearing me with my nice voice so until I got LOUD and uttered the hated word "CONSEQUENCE" I wasn't heard).
Side note- don't know when I started using the threat of a consequence, but when I utter it for some reason my kids listen.  So I'll probably use that word for a very long time.
Again this is one area of being LOUD I wish I could stop.  I wish I could maintain composure, but when you add being tired to my interaction the LOUDness cranks up quite quickly.  
Tired + Not Listening Kids= Cranky LOUD Mom
So I know what you are thinking- don't be tired- get your rest and dial down the LOUDness.  I will try.  Can't solve the scarring of my tympanic membranes, but can solve the Cranky LOUD Mom issues with some practice.  
I leave you with some great graphics I found when searching for pictures of LOUD on the world wide web.  
I do love when kids sing out LOUD!

I also love to Sing It Loud when cooking or cleaning up the kitchen, or driving on road trips.  I used to have a pretty good singing voice during the good old "choir days" of my youth.  I'm an alto- which I think goes along with my red-headed LOUD nature, so as I've aged hitting the high notes is a little much for me.  Singing out LOUD is great mood booster, I believe for anyone.

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