Monday, July 16, 2012

Training week 6

Not overly exciting information to report from this last training week.  I ran 4, 5, 9, and 4 miles.  Due to my husband being out of town I had to stack my run days and ended up doing the 5, 9, 4 all in a row and felt good with that.  This is my step down week before this coming week's Chicago Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon.  My goal with this coming weekend is to have fun, run strong and finish- due to the heat I'm trying to keep my perspective and not think I'm going to go out and PR this one.  I'm looking forward to running this 1/2 because the route is very similar to the full, but of course 13.1 miles shorter.

My four mile track work out earlier in the week was great.  I did 400 meter repeats (400 at under 2 min pace, followed by one 400 at jogging pace, followed by another 400 at under 2 min pace, followed by another jog 400 and then a break).  We then went to start up again and this time the one coach that works with the "beginner group"- that's me- no tazmanian devil yet, challenged me to do back to back miles so the above routine x 2.  I ran well and was successful with running under the 2 min for the 400 meter run laps.  It felt great to accomplish this.

I swam once this past week.  I got the laps in, about a 500, but they were somewhat choppy because the first 250 was with my daughter in my lane in a float device and then with a kick board.  Later I finished with her eating her snack at the side of the pool while I did my other 250.  I don't feel as strong as I have in the past in regard to swimming.  I just can't seem to do consecutive laps without taking a breather, but I'm trying to just move forward and not focus too much on it.  It is such a little part of the upcoming sprint tri that I figure as long as I don't drown in the pool or get passed in my lanes I'll be successful.

The two things lacking from last week's training were: biking and strength training.  I just was too exhausted on Thursday to swim in the day time and then bike at night and then think about getting up for a 5 miler Friday a.m.  The heat is wearing on me so I chose instead to just skip it.  I have a decreased running schedule this week due to the 1/2 marathon Sunday so I hope to have quality pool and bike time this week.

Strength training well that's another story.  Not quite sure why I continue to struggle to make it part of my weekly routine.  I will keep on trying and probably fail at getting it done weekly, but I hope that if I continue to think about it and do it once in awhile then maybe one day it will become like running and part of my weekly routine.

Side note: the no alcohol thing is going well- really not missing it at all. Yep all or nothing!

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