Sunday, March 4, 2012

2 more Best pictures...

Both of these are somewhat a biographical fiction. Both are about two men dealing with their own personal struggles.  They both have specific challenges: one mental illness and the other speech impediment.  It is amazing to me how both overcame their challenges and were accomplished people.  Both movies were very good, but different.

"A Beautiful Mind" was at times disturbing to watch. It one the Best Picture in 2001. It is the biographical fiction story of the Nobel Laureate John Nash Jr.  who won the Nobel Prize for his theory in Economics.  Both my husband and I watched it, but actually watched it at separate times.  I on the treadmill he on his own later.  He was interested in the story of John Nash and so further "googled" the man.  The story of his life is quite a bit different than the story the movie portrayed.  However, it still was a powerful movie and story.

The second movie was "The King's Speech" another biographical story. It won the Best Picture in 2011. The movie was another I watched while on the treadmill and I was worried that it was going to be a little slow going, but again I was surprised and found the movie moving and interesting.  The soundtrack was also good and I'll be looking for it soon.  It amazed me what this "king" went through during his childhood and how that so very much must have impacted his "stammering/stuttering" issue.  Colin Firth's depiction of the King was great and he deserved the Oscar for Best Actor.  Both of these movies helped me get through some tough runs- mentally- and I am thankful for them.

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