Friday, March 16, 2012

Springbrook Nature Trail

The above pics: oldest riding and crying, the second my shadow with jogger, and third my youngest's view of the road.

I took my kids to a nature trail the hubby and I frequent when home for our long runs. It is a great 5.5 mile loop with gravel.

So I decided to introduce the kids to our nature trail. My oldest on bike my youngest in the jogger- side bar -my last run with her in jogger involved me worried I was going to blow a flat bc tires were leaking the whole run. So I took jogger and had new tubes put in. The run with jogger went really well. "No crying or whining" from little one. My big one was doing awesome we had stopped at 2.5 mile mark for their first experience with cliff blocks and water. He was behind me and then I heard crying. Turned around and he had fallen. After assessing I found he had just skinned his elbow and some blood was present. O.K. I know I'm not winning a "mom of the year award", but after many minutes of my fav-"crying and whining" I had to be drill sargeant mom and tell him to get "back on the horse". You really would have thought he had lost a limb. However, we finished and the 5.5 only took us 1 hr and 10 minutes. Pretty decent due to multiple stops More importantly we all finished. I know next time will be better and I'm so happy we got out and enjoyed our awesome spring break weather.

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