Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I have CRS

Youngest showing off her towel rental.

Can't Remember S@;t!

I got to swimming lessons tonight ( I left my house 25 min early). Got to the rec center and couldn't find on the street parking so had to park in pay lot- darn college students. Then after parking I realize that I have left swim bag at home. Luckily I had the kids change into their suits prior to leaving for lessons. However no towels or goggles or change of clothes for after lessons.i figured I could ask the nice college boy if he could lend me towels. Yep he replied for $2/towel. So then i wasn't using my head and rented two towels for $4. The kicker the kid's lessons are staggered so I really only needed 1. Lastly the towels are rentals so I have to return them and drive 2 wet kids home from lessons. Love wet car seats.

No I'm not a total cheapskate just totally irritated that I thought I had it all planned out- on street parking, swim bag with all our swim needs,shower at pool so already for books and bed on return to home.

I need a glass of wine or a beer, but nope good old new training rule of no adult beverages during the week. Plus don't think that kind of beverage intake helps my early onset CRS.

Love trying to be organized and failing miserably at it.

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  1. This is so me! The wine or beer might not help the condition, but it sure helps me forget that I have it, then it doesn't bother me as much! :)