Saturday, March 3, 2012

February Running

So I knew I didn't have the mileage like I did in January, but ended up not being too bad with 67 miles in total.  My best week was Feb 13-19 when I got in 22 miles.  I'm still not getting into long runs with my longest for the month being a couple of 6 milers.  However, March is here and so starts my training for upcoming races.  My training actually starts next week-post with plan later.

I found The Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration by Kevin Nelson to have some pretty great thoughts this month.  Some of them I felt like I could copy and paste the whole page, but I will try to just put in a few lines of thoughts below. Quotes and his response in italics, mine in the normal print.
February 5
"Effort is the one strictly undervalued and original contribution we make to this world". William James-philosopher.

You may start the day feeling rotten.  But that doesn't mean you have to end the day that way.  You can put out the effort and feel better because of it.  Forget inspiration.  All you need is effort.  Your effort will create good works.  you good works will make you feel better.  Feeling better will help you create more good works, and so it goes... Effort is a product of good will... Works breeds inspiration. The more you work, the more effort you put forth, the more inspired you will be.  

I do agree with this and it is a reminder that just taking the effort to get out there is half the battle for most of us.  Then it is the trick to maintain that "effort" throughout the run/work out so that you reap the benefits of the time you've put in.

February 8th
"If someone says 'can't' that shows you what to do". John Cage- composer

Draw your inspiration from "can't".  No what who says it, do just the opposite.  Now, it's a much trickier situation if the person who is telling you "can't " is located inside your head.  Examine the voice.  Who does it belong to? ... Whoever it is, tell that person what you would any other.  Tell him or her, "yes, I can. You're not going to stop me, not this time. This is  too important... Now, if you'll just shut your trap, I'm going to go for a run."

We all have had that person or ourselves who we have listened to the "can't" voice too often.  I find that most of the time it is my own inner voice telling me I "can't".  My favorite line of Kevin's response to the quote is "just shut your trap, I'm going to go for a run".

February 10th
"Running gives me a sense of  controlling my life. I like the finiteness of runs, the fact that I have a clear beginning and end.  I set a goal and I achieve it.  A good run makes you feel sort of holy."  Nancy Gerstein- runner

Wherever you run, you've probably come to take it for granted on some level.  You've run there so long, you no longer see it as special.  But it is special.  It's where you run, and that alone makes it an honored place. ... The feeling you get when you run is similar to the feeling some people get when they go to church or synagogue. ... It's where you run, the place where you hook into the source.  After all, take away the stained-glass windows and the iconography, and a church is just another building, except for what people bring to it.  Bring your whole self to where you run, even if it's the same old spot.  

This was a gentle reminder to me to appreciate where I run.  To be present in my run and "hook into the source".

February 12th
"Running is a statement to society.  It is saying 'no' to always being on call, to sacrificing our daily runs for others' needs. When we run we are doing something for ourselves." Phoebe Jones- runner

It's easy to find impediments to running.  Such impediments are everywhere and readily available to anyone who wants to make use of them.  It's easy to make excuses.  other people will certainly understand, because they're making excuses for themselves as well.  ...At some point you just have to dump all the excuses in the trash and run.  ... Do what you have to do to run.  Do what you have to do to run a lot.  Make a statement to yourself and to society, and do it.

I loved this quote and also Kevin's response.  I think you could apply this statement to a lot of topics that I hear people giving as excuses almost daily: for instance, staying in touch with friends, reading for yourself or reading to your children, making meals... We all have excuses for why we don't have time to not only run, but do many things in life- when the truth is we do have time and if it is made a priority we will "do it".

February 13th
" So much in life seems inflexible and unchangeable, and part of the joy of running and especially racing is the realization that improvement and progress can be achieved".  Nancy Anderson - runner

Runners are like any other dream seekers.  they have their sights set on a high and lofty goal, and they want to achieve it.  Sometimes you get discouraged, though, because the dream seems so far away and so impossibly hard to need to quit judging yourself by where you're going and the fact that you haven't yet achieved it.  Instead, look at how far you've come and appreciate what it's taken to get there. ... You can get better.  You will get better.  You are getting better. 

February 18th
"There is only one big thing- desire.  And before it, when it is big, all is little".  Willa Cather- author

When you have desire, you have everything. ... You can overcome any obstacle in your path with desire.  Big obstacles become small or disappear altogether. 

February 19th
"When adversity strikes, it may be what is needed to be successful." Inspirational message in football locker room

At one time or another, every runner takes a tumble.  No really,an actual tumble. ...In a perfect world, none of us would ever fall.  But this isn't a perfect world, and when we fall, there's only one choice: get up and start running again. 

I think running, for most, becomes enjoyable after awhile and you miss it when it is taken away from you due to injury of any kind.  Getting up and starting again is needed to get back your "running high".  If you do fall, as most of have, get up and start running when able- you'll soon forget that "tumble".

Well that's all from this month's worth of daily runner's reading inspirations.  Many of us know these things, but reading and rereading them is affirmation and reminder of how to run your best not only physically but mentally.

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  1. Very wonderful thoughts! Will check for that book, too, sounds wonderful!