Friday, March 2, 2012

Mommy's project: spiritual

Another subject where I feel a little at loss for words... I know hard to believe.  I struggle to define spiritual, because I come from both a traditional Lutheran background and also believe or think about things a little non-traditionally- like I totally believe if you are a good person you are going to the heaven I hope I'm going to- even my Jewish, or atheist friends- we all are going to be together.  If you are a murderer/rapist etc and say you believe in "god" I'm not quite sure we will be going to the same place.  See my dilemma here: if you are a "true" christian only those who believe in Jesus Christ will be entering the pearly gates.  However, I like to think there is a twist to things hence have a hard time defining my spiritual side at times.

Yes I know Spiritual doesn't only mean recognized or practiced religion it can also mean the more liberal: meditation, or even general way of looking at things.  I think my spiritual side is through my energy to connect with people and hear about different ways to live life.  I'm not always totally open to everyone's way of living, but  at least I want to listen.

I've known a few people in my life whom I thought were truly "spiritual".  The first was a lady whom my sister and I kind of adopted as a second grandma.  Her and her husband went to our church- when I was growing up.  We enjoyed spending time with them and she was the type of person who could talk using words like Jesus and God and make it sound so natural and flowing not abrasive or ultra-conservative.  Another person I think of when it comes to "spiritual" is the first yoga instructor I learned from.  She really had a way of teaching Yoga and teaching us about the background of where the Iyengar method of Yoga came from.  She lived it like a way of life.

Going to church makes me feel spiritual.  I like the good feeling I get when I sing songs I have sung for many years- it is comforting.  I like praying prayers and speaking text that is oh so familiar to me, again comforting.  For me during tough times in my life and also selfish times in my life I've asked for God's help.  This is again comforting to me.  I don't know if being spiritual is comfort- I actually think it is a little of both that kind of period where you are challenged and feel a little uncomfortable- faith- and also those times of comfort from doing spiritual rituals which are so recognizable and habit like.

I know some people in my life who are not church goers and they are more "spiritual" to me then some of my church going friends.  I think everyone does, or at least I hope they do,  what is right for them and what helps bring their own cup of spirituality full to the brim. Last Sunday I wasn't in a church feeling spiritual I was running along the Mall in Washington D.C. and I'm here to say I felt close to my spiritual being seeing those awesome monuments that remind me of the great life and liberties I've been given.  Sometimes an event or memory like that can be more powerful than the week's sermon.  Spiritual beings or feelings are sometimes found in the common everyday events and don't necessarily need an altar or organ present for its powerfulness.

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  1. Great entry! I love how you tied your spiritual rituals together; church, hymns, yoga, running. And it's so true, spirituality does not have to be tactile, it is intangible, and individual.