Thursday, March 22, 2012

Playful Learning

I finished this book over a weekend and really enjoyed it.  Mariah Bruehl knew how to write about different levels of learning and development and has great ideas throughout the book.  The book is broken down into sections and activities based on the topic of that section.  
1. Nurturing Young Authors
2. The Joy of Reading
3. Mathematics at Work
4. Scientific Investigations
5. Exploration of Arts  and Artists
6. Growing Globally
7. Raising the Citizens of Tomorrow
8. Printables

I took notes while reading because the book was filled with such great ideas and quotes.  I have a few to share...
"What can look like simple scribbles comes alive when we listen to the stories behind them"
"When we capture their words on paper, children realize that their stories are important and that the words you write express the same message over time".
"The family- whatever shape, form or construct it may take- is the most important aspect of a child's life".

She has some great references including books, websites, and even printables to make the exercises fun and easy.  She talks about having things ready so that when the child(children) are ready to work on a particular project it is ready to go. She also talks about trying not to plan and force certain exercises onto kids. If you have it ready sometime the child(children) will be ready to participate.  I really enjoyed this book and hope to use a lot of ideas from it to further "playful learning" with my kids.  

She also has a website: that I plan to look at further.  A lot of her ideas from the book are also in the blog/website.  Her Playful Learning Resource Tab is full of other websites to help further your "playful learning".  The possibilities are endless.  

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