Sunday, March 11, 2012

This Year

So I am starting my training season for 2012 year and here is my plan.  It, for me, is a little challenging and intimidating- I've never done a marathon or 1/2 marathon in the same season- let alone adding a sprint tri and another 1/2 marathon, 10 miler, and 10K in the mix.  However, this is the year I really wanted to push myself.  So here is a recap of what is to come.  I send this post out because starting tomorrow I start my Hal Higdon 1/2 marathon training schedule.  This is a 12 week training schedule.  I struggle a little with this schedule because I'm not doing a beginner schedule, but I'm not at advance schedule pace and yet I've been keeping up my distance so for instance my first week is a 3,3,3,4 week/Hal, but I've been running a little bit more than that, more like 3,4,4,5  or 3, 4, 5,5 so do I follow the schedule or run a little longer?  I'm kind of anal and like to follow a schedule.  I asked my hubby what he thought and he is probably not the person to ask due to him not really following anyone's schedule but his own. However, he is the person who got me through my training/injury issue last summer so I feel his ideas on training are valid- so where does that lead me.  I'm kind of looking forward to this week- I have off with the kids due to their spring break and would like to get an 8 miler in so what do I do?  Well I think I'll figure it out by the end of the week and will probably know best then.  Anywhoo- here are a few pictures of the races I have upcoming this year.  

1st up- 10 mile Ronald McDonald House run Sunday May 6- comes at a perfect time in my training schedule.

Pearl Harbor 10K Oahu May 13, 2012- My sister and I will run along Pearl Harbor Bike Path

Sunburst 1/2 marathon Saturday June 2, 2012- South Bend, Indiana- we won't be finishing in Notre Dame Stadium this year due to construction- wonder if I should where my "Go Blue" shirt for this race :). My sister will be doing 1/2, brother in-law and maybe hubby.

Sunday July 22, 2012 Chicago 1/2 marathon- I'm hoping to get under 2 hours at this race.

I Tried a Tri in Oswego, IL Sunday August 5, 2012 Sprint Tri- my hubby, brother in-law, sister and me will be participating.  

Chicago Marathon Sunday October 7, 2012- no I'm not running for RMHC- but I liked this saying "It's a whole new year- start something amazing!".

So how am I going to get this done- well I'm going to definitely follow some sort of running schedule- 1/2 marathon by Hal Higdon for the first 1/2 and the Hal Higdon Marathon Training Guide for Novice 2 for the other 1/2 and Marathon.  The sprint tri is mainly a fun family event- last year my son participated in the kid's tri and it will be a good reason to push me to get in some more cross training during the week.  I will have a less stringent schedule for this race.  However, besides just getting the miles in I want to make sure to change it up and do some speed work, cross training and follow a more nutritional/refueling diet this year.  

O.k. if someone could guarantee that my legs would look this "hot" by doing speed work I'd probably jump at the opportunity to run on the track.  I think I avoid speed work, because a. I totally don't have a "runner's body"- imagine ex-gymnast with gymnast thighs running 4 x 100s, and b. I'm not a math person and speed work always involves some something x something equation :).  

I use to really enjoy lifting and strength training in my good old high school days.  I could do several "dips" and had triceps to show for those reps.  I also could bench press pretty high weight amounts.  However, I've really gotten away from strength training.  I know I use the "time" excuse, but realize I will need to make this a priority to avoid injuries this training season along with building an overall healthier me.

Lastly, is the good old friend- nutrition- I know what I shouldn't be wasting my calories on: booze, candy, cookies, fried WT foods, etc.  But sometimes I feel like I lack the knowledge on what foods I should really push for- the good re-fueling types.  I plan to start researching into that deeper, but for now will stick with my lenten- no sweets and adult beverages only on the weekends (minus good old book club and any special "girl night out" occasions).  If anyone has some good suggestions or books, etc on running and nutrition let me know.  

I'm excited to start training, but a little intimidated, as said earlier- but if I learned one thing from last year it is that if I take it "week by week" or even better "day by day" the training doesn't seem that daunting.  

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  1. Oh, how I fell off the nutrition wagon! Must.get.back.on!
    Have you read Run Like A Mother? Their new book, Train Like A Mother just came out this weekend and I should get my copy soon. You might find some useful info in the second book.
    I am envious of your training schedule. Perhaps we can meet in Chicago at the half, or at the marathon!