Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Running against the Wind

This is me running in the wind this a.m.  I didn't look this beautiful, but thought it was a cool picture. 
It always amazes me how humbling certain activities can be.  I ran this a.m. with BRB- our first run in a long time.  Despite my running on both treadmill and outside- o.k. probably more treadmill than outside- I really struggled this a.m. with our 4 mile run.  Over the last few days I have felt like my legs were tree trunks and my knees Sunday were pretty sore.  

found this on blog twelve-in-twelve.com- perfect depiction of my  "tree trunk" legs
I took yesterday off, and now knee pain, but felt like I said like I was lugging a big tree trunk up and down the 4 mile route.  I also was humbled by nature this a.m.  I did an out and back and when I turned to go back the wind hit me.  I just couldn't believe how I struggled against the wind.  I finished the run, but it was one of my slowest 4 miles I've run in a long time.  This running thing can be humbling.  It keeps you aware that you have never run enough, and probably won't ever run enough, to be fully prepared for all "days of running".  Today was one of those "days".

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